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Dental Implants in Los Angeles, CA

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When dental implants are translated into Japanese, artificial tooth roots, that is, metal bodies that become the roots of teeth are embedded in the jawbone to replace the roots. By attaching artificial teeth to this root, the lost teeth will be revived. It is now attracting attention as a new treatment method to replace dentures.

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About Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace a lost tooth or teeth. When people lose a tooth due to injury or disease they are often embarrassed about their appearance. Sometimes their speech or smile is adversely affected. If the tooth loss causes an irregular bite this can lead to other problems, even malnutrition. Tooth loss may also be caused by excessive wear and tear, gum disease, or congenital defects. 
Implants are usually made of titanium. Titanium, a metal, is known to be very light and strong, but it has a high biocompatibility property, and bone cells do not react to it when it enters the body. Therefore, bone cells bind to and integrate with the surface of titanium.

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The benefits of implant treatment are the following three points:

    When there are no teeth, the jawbone in that area becomes thin. This causes the surrounding bone to degenerate because there is no moderate stimulation that should be transmitted through the root of the tooth. Since the implant inserts an artificial tooth root, it prevents further bone resorption at that location.
    Unlike bridges, implants can be treated without scraping healthy teeth.
    Dentures (dentures) can be fixed using implants.

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  • Are Dental Implants succesful?

    The success rate of implants is about 95% for the maxilla and 98% for the mandible based on 15-year data. This is higher than the preservation rate of permanent teeth.

  • Are they covered by my insurance?

    Currently, most insurance companies do not cover implant treatment. However, recently, insurance companies have emerged to cover implant treatment. In addition, there is insurance that will pay the cover amount when treating a bridge or denture instead of an implant, so please consult a dental clinic.

  • How long does Dental Implant treatment take?

    After implant placement, in order to attach teeth and use the implant instead of the root, the implant body and surrounding bone must be completely connected. Bone recovery usually takes about 3 months. Therefore, teeth cannot be attached during this period. This is just a guide and depends on the condition of the patient's bones and body.
    Recently, a special coating has been applied to the surface of the implant, which has reduced the time required for the implant to bond with bone cells to about one-fourth of what it used to be, making it possible to treat even in a hurry.

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