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Meet Dr. Kouichi Itoh, Best Dentist in Los Angeles, CA

Exceptional General, Family and Surgeon Dentist in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Kouichi Itoh DDS specializes in dental implants by using the latest up-to-date techniques in the industry. Dr. Itoh also specializes in working on complicated, individual dental cases where detailed follow-up work is required.

Dr. Kouichi Itoh came to the United States to become a dentist in 1980, started a dental practice in 1988, and obtained DDS in 1991. (Faculty of Dentistry, Loma Linda University, California) Completed the graduate school implant course in 1994 and became the first Japanese implantologist in the United States.
After working as an assistant professor at the same university, he is currently in business in LA. He was an invited lecturer as a special lecturer of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology and lectured at many academic societies as the Brazilian Implant Society. 
He is a special member of the American Society of Implantology (AAID) and an educational CD-ROM producer for the Society (as a primary content provider).
As an instructor of a Japanese dentist's implant workshop, he manages a training schedule three times a year.
He is serializing a column article on "LA Dental Frontline" in the medical and insurance section of the local newspaper "Rafu Shimpo" in Los Angeles.
In 2001, Dr. Itoh opened his first practice, Honda Plaza Dental Clinic, in Little Tokyo, and in 2006 opened a second office, The Loft Dental Studio, in Costa Mesa, CA. 
Dr. Itoh belongs to a dental family. His father represents the 3rd generation of dentists from the Itoh family in Kobe (, Japan.

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American Dental Association
California Dental Association
American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
International Congress of Oral Implantologists
Academy of Osseointegration (AO)
Japanese Society of Oral Implantology


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